What to send to a Shiva House

Shiva Food - Deli Platters

People show respect for mourners by bringing or send "platters of food" to the shiva house, as mourners should not be preparing food for themselves. It is helpful to know whether the family is requesting only Kosher food - if you are uncertain, send kosher food. Kosher delicatessens or caterers can make recommendations for lunch and dinner items. Baked goods, fresh fruit and vegetable platters are also appropriate gifts.

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A Shiva Gift Basket

A "Shiva Basket" is a thoughtful gift that can be sent to Jewish mourners during or after shiva. Again, if you are in doubt, send a kosher gift basket. It may include challah, rugelach, brownies, cookies, fruit, nuts, candies, wine, cheese, chocolate or other items you know the mourner would like.The enclosed card can have a simple message, such as "With our heartfelt sympathy," or "We are so sorry for your loss."

Shiva Gift Baskets

A Fruit Basket or Bouquet

Fruit is a healthy way to express condolences. All fruits are kosher.

Shiva Fruit Baskets

A Donation

Families may request donations be made to charities that are meaningful to them. Most organizations will send a card to the mourners acknowledging your gift.

Make a Donation

Acts of Kindness
If there is any chance to be helpful, do so. Offer to pick-up people at the airport, host visitors from out of town, run errands, set up meals, clean up the kitchen, take care of children and/or pets, etc.