A trusted resource for Jewish funerals and sitting shiva.

Create A Shiva Registry

A quick and convenient way for you to coordinate shiva food and sitting shiva details.

A "Shiva Registry " is a private page with funeral & shiva information and a calendar to coordinate food for each day of shiva.

Creating a Shiva Registry will help you avoid unnecessary phone calls, coordinate shiva food and facilitate memorial donations.

In 5 minutes, you can post answers to who, what, where, when and how many. You can add information or make changes, anytime- it's quick and convenient

A link to your personal "Shiva Registry" page can be emailed, texted or posted on Facebook, or simply tell people to go to "Search" on the ShivaConnect.com home page.

What People Say

"I think your website will be a vital answer to Jewish mourners" Rabbi Maurice Lamm (of blessed memory)

"ShivaConnect was a helpful way for me to share the information with those beyond the immediate circle of our family. It was so nice to have a place where I could post the information, trust that changes would be accessible to people, and send it out through my various networks. With friends in NH, Fl, through the rabbinic world and more there was no easy way to post things and be done -- ShivaConnect worked well." Rabbi Louis Rieser

"I believe helping people with their Shiva experience and enabling them to find a myriad of different services makes your website a very caring experience. A worthwhile website has to be both enlightening and helpful and your website provides both." JR

"ShivaConnect helps the community coordinate its response to mourners at their time of of loss." KK

"I think your idea is brilliant both in concept and in its execution." RK

"Thank you for everything that you do to ease the suffering of families who have lost loved ones and have found solace through your website." GS